Health Benefits of SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and has many impressive health benefits. This article explains in detail about the positive physical and mental health effects that have been found through participating in the sport.

Benefits to Stamina and Cardiovascular Health

SUP functions as a full body workout. It increases cardiovascular endurance and stamina, making other day-to-day physical tasks easier to perform. It also improves the heart’s ability to circulate oxygenated blood and the body’s ability to effectively use oxygen.

Great for Your Core Strength

As expected, paddle boarding places a lot of tension on your arms, shoulders and legs, but the most pressure is added to the mid-section. Since the surface of the water is going to be experiencing a constant flux of change, the core muscles, including the abdominals, obliques and back, will be making an effort to improve balance and endurance.

Is Low Impact

A huge advantage of SUP is that it is available to nearly everyone. Since it is low impact, it puts a very minimal amount of stress on joints, ligaments and tendons. For those who wish to improve their strength after healing from an injury, SUP is the most suitable option.

Burns Calories

Stand Up Paddle Boarding burns as much as over 500 calories per hour! It will also increase your metabolic rate by helping to shift fat, even long after you have left the board. Those who are capable of keeping their BMI within the normal range will have less of a risk for developing forms of cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis and can even have a higher life expectancy.

Keeps You Relaxed and Stress-Free

Chronic stress is known to impact every system in the body. It even increases the risk of experiencing heart attacks and strokes, raising blood pressure, causing insomnia and fertility issues. For that reason, it is of high importance for individuals to manage their stress levels. One major plus point for picking up paddle boarding is that it benefits your physical health and allows you to achieve a state of calm.

Aside from all of the positive health benefits that you can reap from the sport, you also have the flexibility to set the pace. Over time, you can start to increase your cardiovascular output by elevating your level of paddling or going to a different and more advanced location, like the sea, for example. After reading all of this, if you have become interested in giving SUP a try, visit us at Love Vancouver Life! We provide the best high-quality and cost-effective selection of inflatable stand up paddle boards. Contact us today and you will never want to stop paddle boarding once you hit the water!