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6 Things You Need For Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUPping) is a fun summer activity, when you're prepared that is! Before you jump out onto the water, make sure you stay prepared with these six essential items needed for any stand up paddleboarder. A Board It might be hard to SUP without the board. When it comes time to pick a board, you have a few options. Certain options will offer different elements to your experience. Hard epoxy and inflatable plastic will likely be the two board materials you have to select from. Inflatable paddle boards tend to be easier to travel with and in some cases more stable than epoxy alternatives. You will have to select the length and width of your board as...

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Inflatable Paddle Board vs. Regular Hard Paddle Board

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is a great way to enjoy a workout while taking in everything the ocean has to offer! There are two main kinds of paddle boards; traditional hard epoxy or wood paddle boards and inflatable paddle boards. Immediately you'll notice inflatable SUP boards are available for as little as $450, where hard SUP boards will almost certainly cost you more than $700. But you shouldn’t base your decision based on cost alone, here’s a comparison between hard and inflatable SUP boards based on eight other factors. Convenience You might jump to conclusions thinking that hard SUP boards are more convenient. Just pull it out and get onto the water you would think; in part, you would...

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Top 5 Accessories For Stand Up Paddle Boards

1.  Waterproof Phone Case When you're SUPping out on the water, all it takes is one unexpected wave to flip you into the ocean. While you may be ready to take a dip, your phone might not be. Many phones are splashproof, but when it comes to the ocean, you need a phone case/pouch that will withstand being submerged for a while, just in case. For only $4, you could wind up saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs or potential replacements. Love Vancouver Life offers waterproof phone pouches for less than $5! Attach it to your SUP with a handy carabiner clip and keep your phone or other valuables safe from potential water damage! 2.  Silent...

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