Top 5 Accessories For Stand Up Paddle Boards

1.  Waterproof Phone Case

When you're SUPping out on the water, all it takes is one unexpected wave to flip you into the ocean. While you may be ready to take a dip, your phone might not be. Many phones are splashproof, but when it comes to the ocean, you need a phone case/pouch that will withstand being submerged for a while, just in case. For only $4, you could wind up saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs or potential replacements. Love Vancouver Life offers waterproof phone pouches for less than $5! Attach it to your SUP with a handy carabiner clip and keep your phone or other valuables safe from potential water damage!

2.  Silent Air Remover

Inflatable paddle boards have a lot of pressurized air that can hurt the ears if not deflated properly. Using a silent air remover will improve your experience as well as those around you. Some air removers can reduce sound by more than 50 decibels. Quickly and quietly pack up your SUP until the next time you take it out on the water!

3.  Floating Sunglasses

Eyewear is incredibly important if you're interested in maintaining optimal eye health. That being said, quality eyewear tends to sink when it hits the ocean. It's hard to say exactly how many paddle boarders lose their sunglasses to the ocean each year. Although, we can make an educated guess that a number of fish have some quality eye protection to choose from on the ocean floor. Lucky for you, there are some stylish shades that float. The Rheos collection is available on Amazon and offers buoyant shades without sacrificing sun protection.

4.  Bluetooth Speaker

There's nothing like stand up paddle boarding with your favourite tunes playing. Finding a speaker that can withstand the constant splashes while staying secure can however pose a challenge. As paddle boarding experts, and music enthusiasts, our choice is the JBL clip speaker. This speaker clips to the top of your SUP, is fully waterproof up to a meter and offers some of the best sound quality on the market.

5.  Inflatable PFD

Finally, since safety is always a top priority, a convenient yet effective flotation device. With the minimalist inflatable belt pack from Mustang survival, your range of motion is not restricted, but you remain completely safe. In the event you need to use it, just pull the tab and you will float for hours!


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