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Jellyfish Lightweight Inflatable SUP with Accessories

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Why choose a Vancouver Life Lightweight Jellyfish SUP?

We here at Vancouver Life adore this paddle board. It is 3 kg lighter than a standard SUP so it is easy to transport. It is made out of durable materials so we know we will be able to use it for many years to come. The UV-resistant design is perfectly unique, subtle, and eye-pleasing all at the same time. Having an inflatable SUP instead of a hard SUP makes it so much easier to take from place to place and adds extra stability to the board. 

What is a lightweight SUP? 

A standard SUP weighs about 12 kg, whereas our jellyfish board weighs only 9 kg. This means that they are excellent for hiking into alpine lakes, taking on transit, or simply making your life easier moving the SUP from your car to the beach. Not having to carry that extra 3 kg makes a big difference! 

What is it made out of? 

Our boards are made out of Superior Quality fusion technology double-layered fabrics with a strong drop stitch fabric. To put that in terms we can all understand, that means that these SUPs are made out of a lightweight, but very durable material that is different than the standard PVC board. In our opinion, they are superior to a standard PVC SUP.

What about the design?

Our jellyfish design is our own unique design which will make you stand out on the water. The graphics are UV laser printed which ensures that they will still be looking good after many long days out in the sun. 

How big is the Jellyfish SUP?

The boards are approximately 10.5 ft long, 31.5" inches wide, and 6 inches thick. This is a pretty standard SUP size; it's a good size for increased sturdiness in the water but isn't too big as to be cumbersome. 

What does it come with?

The Jellyfish SUP comes with a hand pump, pressure gauge, fins, colour matching repair kit, paddle, ankle leash, and a backpack to store it all in! This is all you will need to get paddling (check your local laws about lifejacket requirements, if required, you can grab one of those from us as well for an easy one-stop-shop).

Where can I paddle?

We recommend using these boards on any body of water, such as oceans, lakes, rivers, and bays. 

What about shipping?

Expedited shipping is free across Canada! Within the lower mainland, shipping could be as fast as 3 business days, the further away you are, the more time the SUP will take to arrive (up to two weeks to get to the East Coast).

Are there any hidden fees?

All accessories and shipping are included! The only thing that will be added at checkout will be GST (and PST when applicable). 

Who am I buying from?

Hi, I am Amy, I live in Vancouver, BC with my two children and we visit the ocean every chance we get. My love for the water made me want to create the perfect paddleboard for my family and my community, now I want to spread this great SUP across Canada!

The details:

Recommended PSI: 15-20PSI

Weight Limit: 330 lbs

Dimensions of the shipping package: 34"x15"x10"